“Impact people’s lives. Focus on well-being from your product. That’s tough. You have to have that right from the get-go.”

The Brands That Survive Will Be the Brands That Make Life Better - click the photo above for the full article from Fast Co.Exist.

Posted 2 years ago

Perspective sculpture by Markus Raetz

Branding the Throne

Posted 3 years ago

Advertising in Brazil

The Brand Nova Bossa Fest in Brazil allows branding, design and innovation to converge in one of the hottest and most rapidly-growing markets in the world. Via Contagious.

Posted 3 years ago

Nebbishy branding

The Ecstasy of Influence

Posted 3 years ago

“You can be running one of the biggest fashion retailers in America, but at the same time, you want it to feel tangible and touchable.”

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Posted 3 years ago

Most movies are remixes.